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The study of internal structure is called Anatomy


The science or study of animal life. Together with botany, the study of plant life, it forms the science of biology. Zoology is such a vast subject that most zoologists specialize or focus on the study of particular organisms or taxonomic groups. tion of animals.

What is anatomy

the word anatomy is derived from a Greek word “Anatome” meaning to cut up. It is the study of structures that make up the body and how those structures relate with each other. The study of anatomy includes many sub specialties. These are Gross anatomy, Microscopic anatomy, Developmental   Read More


These are non-motile cytoplasmic processes.e.g., Epididymis,vas deference.


It is contractile motile fibrous processes arising from basal granules.e.g., Oviduct,Fallopian tube.

Tight junctions(Zona occludens):

At certain places the plasma membranes of  Read More


These are simple and minute cytoplasmic processes arising form free exposed surfaces of the cell.They absorb material.e.g.Intestine.  Read More

What is tissue?

A tissue may be defined as a group of one or more types of cells having a similar origin and specialized for a specific function or functions along with the intracellular material.

Branch of biology dealing with the study of tissue is called histology.The term 'tissue' was introduced by B  Read More